Tech finance innovation or “crowdsourcing for capital”

Interesting to see a new approach to technology funding being taken by Podium Funds of Calgary;

Podium describes their innovative model as follows;

PODIUM Participation Funds (PPF) is local capital backing local ventures with global potential. This provides Calgarians the opportunity to invest in our city while maintaining the potential for a world-class return. With three unique twists:

We’re using technology to invite Calgarians to join this investment community
We’re leveraging the wisdom of that investment community to help choose the Calgary businesses we invest in
The individual $5000 investments can be done through a TFSA, so any ROI is tax-free

I think it’s fair to say Cameron Chell,  Podium’s founder “does not play small ball.” Cam was one of the visionary founders of the “Application Service  Provider (ASP)” business model and industry that is understood today as “Cloud Computing”. The company he founded ,”Futurelink”, had over a $2 billion market cap at the height of the tech bubble in 2000.

Podium Funds is hosting a launch event in Calgary on April 28th, 2010 at Flames central 5-8pm. RSVP at or

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