So, What do we do about it? CRTC? Parliament? Anyone?

As readers are aware, Alberta Technology has been vocal about the embarrassing state of broadband services in Canada; see World’s Fastest Broadband and $43 million executive compensation . Derek DeCloet has a terrific article “Ka-Ching!” on the same issues in today’s Globe and Mail – Report on Business (March issue, Feb 25, 2011). Here’s the entire article:

Jim Shaw’s $16,000-a-day pension

Now, in spite of how attractive some of Hugo Chavez’ policy decisions may look in light of these kind of market distortions; there are lees politically controversial ways to dramatically improve broadband for Canadians. It starts with policy and could include some simple measures such as including fibre connections as a required utility in all new commercial, residential construction and renovations, just like plumbing and electrical. Not necessarily, lit or serviced fibre, just the connection, with guaranteed equal access for competing service providers. It would be a great start.

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