Don’t Say we didn’t warn you! Meanwhile Industry Canada is MIA.

Bandwidth Caps Force Netflix to Cut Video Quality in Canada

As readers are aware Alberta Technology has maintained a focused concern on Canada’s dismal state of broadband service and the regulatory environment that led to it and continues to support it. See “How Intelligent are Alberta Communities“,     World’s Fastest Broadband & $43 million executive compensation, and So, What do we do about it? CRTC? Parliament? Anyone?

Imagine if the guys in the movie business controlled the snack counter! Oh wait, they do, and that’s why a nickel’s worth of popcorn and palm oil costs $10. We have a very significant regulatory, structural problem in Canada; the private corporations that own the broadband infrastructure also own companies that rely on distribution of services like telephone service and television content. Freedom of choice and lower prices for Canadians run directly contrary to the interests of the cable and telephone companies. That’s supposed to be why we have regulators such as Industry Canada and the CRTC to balance (or maybe even protect) the best interests of Canadians that don’t happen to own a telephone or cable company.


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