innovation, risk and national culture

“Canadians are more risk averse than Americans”  I explained. “Everyone is more risk averse than the Americans” my friend replied. “if you think Canadians are afraid of failure, you should see the Germans!” he explained. “They even have a word for the enjoyment of seeing others fail – schadenfreude.” I laughed. He was right. We … More innovation, risk and national culture

Global Recognition for Calgary Tech Incubator

November 25, 2015; Stockholm, Sweden: UBI Global, a thought leader in performance analysis of business incubation around the world, recognized Calgary University Tech incubator “Innovate Calgary” ranking it sixth among global peers. UBI Global benchmarks over 400 incubation programs in 70 countries.   Innovate Calgary is the technology transfer and business incubation centre for the University … More Global Recognition for Calgary Tech Incubator