Progress, but does Alberta have this right yet?

Minister Deron Bilous provided an update to the forthcoming “Alberta Investor Tax Credit” yesterday (September 29, 2016) in a Press conference and press release; link to source in image below:


It may just be political expediency but the continued language about “small business” is concerning on a number of levels.


  1. The largest, fastest wealth creation, growth, and job creation globally over the past two decades is driven by technology innovation, not “small business.”



2. The phenomenal success of the British Columbia Investor tax credit is due to a focus on technology and the new economy.




3.  The “new”, “Internet” economy is growing at eight times the rate of the traditional economy. 



Minister Bilous, Minister Ceci, Premier Notley, I congratulate you on your wisdom and progress in implementing long overdue, effective, important, tax policy that will help all Albertans participate and prosper in the 21st Century economy – IF YOU GET IT RIGHT AND STOP DILUTING THE FOCUS WITH TALK ABOUT SMALL BUSINESS!

Our Investor Tax Credit needs to be about globally scalable technology and innovation. It is critical Albertans genuinely understand this, starting with our political leadership.

Note: See previous post on Canada needing more “Frankness.” 😉  


2 thoughts on “Progress, but does Alberta have this right yet?

  1. Thanks Trent. Very good point and references. We need to grow scalable technology-based businesses. Alberta has smart scientists, engineers, technologists, creatives etc. but needs more tech entrepreneurs, explorers, visionaries and risk-takers.

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